Understanding Various Air Conditioning Systems You Can Install in Your Home

Air conditioning systems work by facilitating the exchange of air inside and outside the house. They take warm air inside the room and move it across cooling elements known as refrigerants to lower the temperature of the warm air. The cool air then goes to a condenser. From the condenser, the cool air is then dispersed into different parts of the house.

Air conditioning systems come in various sorts. You can choose any of the following:

Wall-mounted Air Conditioning Systems

Wall mounted air conditioning systems are fitted on the walls of the house. The walls are drilled to create space for the unit, and they are sealed permanently such that you cannot move the unit from one place to another. For this reason, the air conditioning unit has weather-tight seals to minimise damage, especially during the wet seasons. During installation, measurements should be taken to ascertain the size of the room and ensure that the unit fitted on the wall can meet the air conditioning needs of that space. An underpowered air conditioning system will not regulate the temperature in the room effectively.

Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioning Systems

Ceiling mounted air conditioning systems are mounted in the ceiling. It requires some space between the roof and ceiling to accommodate the air conditioning unit. The fact that cold, dense air falls towards the floor is one of the advantages of having this system. It enables the unit to cover a large room despite the fact that the fans may not be very large. This is due to the improved efficiency in the flow of air, as the cold air is propelled from a perfect perpendicular position on the ceiling to the space below the fans.

Ceiling mounted air conditioning systems are ideal for bedrooms where absolute silence is desirable. The unit is exceptionally quiet because the system's condenser is installed outside the house, preferably on the roof. In addition, they are suitable for rooms where you'd like to fit shelves on the walls, something you may not be able to do in rooms where you have the wall mounted systems.

Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

In ductless air conditioning systems, the condenser is placed right next to your house and connected to the indoor components using hosepipes. The layout allows you to hang the indoor components in any convenient place in the room that you want to ventilate. On the downside, this system may require you to drill holes through the walls, making the installation more labour intensive.

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