Why You Should Start Using a Fountain Pen

In the modern age of technology, handwriting is becoming a lost skill. Not only that, but the writing instruments have change dramatically. But that doesn't mean old techniques are not still great. While not used as often, fountain pens still contain a lot of excellent benefits. Here are some reasons to start using fountain pens, like Lamy pens.

They last a Long Time

While fountain pens cost more when you first purchase them, you save money in the long run since they last longer than the traditional ballpoint pen. Fountain pens are made of quality materials that are meant to last many years. The better you take care of your fountain pens, the longer they will last. When you run out of ink, instead of throwing the pen away, you instead get an ink cartridge and add it to the pen. The ink cartridges also allow you to change the colour of the ink if you choose.

Fountain Pens Are Easier On Your Hands

If you suffer from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, a fountain pen can be a great asset. These pens have ink that flows easily when the pen is pointed down toward paper, which reduces how much pressure is needed to write with it. This reduces cramping of your hand and fingers and takes that extra tension off your wrist. Try writing for an hour with a fountain pen as compared to the same amount of time with another type of pen and you will notice the difference. It is also good for hands or wrists that are weak and can't handle writing for long periods of time.

You Can Improve Your Writing Style

Fountain pens have a tendency to improve your writing overall. Not only because of how much easier they are to write with, but because you suddenly write slower and more succinctly. You also feel more confident when writing with a fountain pen, from the style the pen provides you, to the historical significance. All of these factors can help you take more pride in your handwriting and want to improve it. They are ideal for writing thank-you notes, greeting cards, and notes to friends or loved ones.

They Have a Lot of Different Options

You can find fountain pens of all different styles and sizes, providing a good option for every individual. If you are left-handed, there are fountain pens better suited for your style of writing. There are also different nib sizes and pen styles, offering different thicknesses in the shaft of the pen to fit your hand better. 

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