Safety Tips for Employees Driving Trucks Equipped With Truck Mounted Attenuators

Truck mounted attenuators are impact-absorbing devices attached to the back end of trucks to protect the driver, their co-workers and other road users in the event that an errant vehicle hits the truck from behind. Typically, these attenuators are used on trucks that operate in high traffic, high speed routes where the risk of vehicular collisions is quite high. All personnel used to drive trucks equipped with truck-mounted attenuators must be competent in the proper operations of the unit. Besides being trained in the proper operations of truck mounted attenuators, the employees should demonstrate that they are aware of their responsibility as truck crash drivers. If you have recently landed a job as a driver of a truck attached with a truck mounted attenuator, here are a couple of tips you should follow to ensure road safety.

Seat belts

Seat belts are your biggest friend in the event that an accident occurs when you are on the road. When used properly, these safety devices will keep you and your colleague workers safely restrained to your seats in case an errant driver travelling at high speed hits your truck from the rear side. The proper use of seat belts involves making sure that the belts are adjusted correctly before hitting the roads. Seat belts should rest closely against the body, over the shoulder and across the chest, and the belts should be secured in the locking device. Correctly adjusted seat belts can help prevent or minimise injuries.

Switching lanes

When you are travelling on a multi-lane highway, you may be need to switch lanes so you can move into a particular location. Before taking on a new lane, you should first reach the required travelling speed for that lane. Once you are in the desired lane, you should start to slow down until you attain operational speed or stop the vehicle. Make sure to make good use of your side and rear mirrors when you are switching lanes. This way, you can keep sight of all motorists approaching you from behind as you are moving into a new lane.

Preventive reaction

As a driver of a truck installed with truck mounted attenuators, you are responsible for your safety and that of your crew members. In case you notice an errant vehicle dangerous travelling towards your direction, you should try to inform the crew to hold on tight as you accelerate a little bit to avoid or reduce the impact.

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