4 Ways Pontoon Boats Are Better Than Deck Boats

Pontoon boats and deck boats are easily the more common options when it comes to family or group boats. The two models have been around for a long time and have both made considerable design advancements over the years. If you're comparing the two models and wondering which is better for you, here are reasons why pontoon boats remain a better option compared to deck boats. See what they are below.

No need for speed

Deck boats have better speed compared to pontoon boats. In fact, their build design almost resembles speedboats. Speed is a good quality when it comes to any mode of transportation. However, when comparing family boats, lots of speed is bad. And this is where pontoons beat deck boats. Pontoon boats are not built for speed. They offer a moderate glide over the water, and that is exactly what people looking for family-oriented boats want.

Marginal safety advantage

Safety is also crucial in a boat that you plan to carry your family and friends in. Both boats have credible safety features and ratings. However, a few differences make pontoons safer than their competitor. Speed is one of these differences. Because pontoons have moderate speeds, that makes them safer. Pontoons are also slower at turning thanks to the double tube base, and that means no sharp or dangerous cornering. The wide flat decks also leaves more room for occupants to move about easier without tipping over the edge.

Higher carrying capacity

Pontoons also beat deck boats in regards to the carrying capacity. A pontoon is virtually a flat deck with an enclosure full of seats. The standard pontoon will easily carry a dozen people or more. Decks boats, on the other hand; not so much. Some can carry a crowd but most waste space with the long, flat empty, deck and the exaggerated cockpit. Pontoons are therefore better for large families or groups of people looking to entertain and have fun getaways on the water.

Better seating arrangement

Lastly, pontoons have a better seating arrangement. The seats are arranged along the edge of the craft looking in. When seated, occupants will face each other in a manner that allows all of them to converse with each other easily. With most deck boats, however, the captain's area divides the seating compartment into two, forcing occupants to choose either the front or the back of the craft. Everyone cannot seat together like in a pontoon boat.

So if you're looking for deck boats or pontoon boats for sale, now you have some extra reasons to favour the latter option more. For more information, talk to a professional like White Water Marine.

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