Start-up Business: 3 Things that Amount to Statutory Nuisance

Manufacturing and retail business alike are notorious for producing various forms of waste that must be managed properly. Otherwise, they can significantly affect the wellbeing of the people living or carrying out other activities near your business. They create a statutory nuisance, an element that is legally recognised as a hazard to the welfare of the surrounding community. As a start-up businessperson, the sad part is that you may not be aware of the some of the things that amount to statutory nuisance. Here is a discussion that will help you understand them thoroughly to keep you from unprecedented cases and fines:

Noise from Your Business Premises

Your firm might have to use some vehicles and machines in the production processes. These machines can produce lots of noise that generally makes the area near your business premises quite inhabitable. However, most local authorities regard noise as a statutory nuisance in cases where it is persistent and part of the normal operation of the business. For instance, you can hire a noisy machine to carry out an operation on your premises for a few hours. This doesn't amount to a statutory nuisance if your business activities often run quietly on normal occasions. You should hire a sound specialist to assess the noise generated by your business. Regular noise levels (as high 35 decibels) will require you to institute some sound attenuation mechanisms to mitigate noise pollution.

Smoke from Business Premises

Smoke is another factor that you must take into consideration. Simple business activities like cooking in restaurants to complex manufacturing processes can produce lots of smoke, which has many detrimental effects. For instance, smoke reduces visibility on nearby roads and elevates the risk of road accidents. It also contributes to respiratory diseases after prolonged inhalation by the people living close to your business premises. To prevent this, you should install catalytic chambers in chimneys to clean the smoke before it is released into the atmosphere.


Smell is another factor you must consider when dealing with statutory nuisance. It makes the surrounding area generally inhabitable due to respiratory discomfort. Ideally, you should deal with any sewage and wastewater leaks as soon as they occur to prevent the foul smell from costing lots of money. Moreover, locate your dumping sites strategically from areas where they can cause discomfort to other people. This might even compel you to hire or buy a garbage management site away from your premises.  

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