Need Residential Storage? 3 Reasons Why An Onsite Shipping Container Is The Superior Choice

Shipping containers have become a popular structure for both commercial and residential use. They're used for everything from home construction to swimming pools and are very popular as mobile offices and workshops. Another thing they're very popular for is to use as onsite storage, both for residential properties and for business use. Here are three reasons why you might prefer to buy a shipping container for your residential storage needs over a more traditional self-storage facility.

1. They're cost effective

The initial cost for buying a shipping container varies depending on what length and height container you require and whether it's new or used. While the purchase price might seem high in comparison to the relatively small up-front cost of renting a self-storage unit, a shipping container will prove to be more cost effective in the long term.

Once the container is bought, and the delivery to your desired location is paid for, you'll have no ongoing costs. The rental for a self-storage unit is a recurring cost, often over many months or even years, which will soon surpass the outright purchase price of a shipping container. Even better, shipping containers will retain most of their value if you maintain their condition, so you'll be able to sell your container when you no longer need it and regain most of your initial expense.

2. They're easily accessible

Unlike self-storage facilities, an onsite shipping container can be accessed whenever you want to. It won't entail driving to another location, gaining access to a secure site, or being unable to access your stored items out of business hours. Having your container on site also means that transporting larger items in and out of storage won't require you to hire a commercial vehicle or employ a removalist.

Shipping containers are ideal if you are renovating a home and wish have ready access to your furniture and belongings. You'll be able to swap items from your house into the container, and vice versa, as the renovation progresses and your storage needs change.

3. They're multi-purpose modules

Another advantage that shipping containers offer is the many purposes it can fulfil if you no longer need it for storage. With some relatively simple modifications it can be transformed into a usable living or working space, which can be easily moved to a new site if you decide to relocate to move home.

Shipping containers are also increasingly popular for use in transporting houesehold possessions during the moving process. The container can be packed at your leisure, then delivered to your new residence. This is significantly cheaper than paying for removalist service, and you can reuse the container for multiple relocations.

A shipping container is not only a practical residential storage solution, but it's also a smart choice when it comes to saving money. For more information on what size shipping container will best suit your needs, contact a supplier who specialises in shipping containers in your area.

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