Top Benefits of Bathroom Panelling Over Other Waterproofing Alternatives

If cracks and weak points exist on your bathroom's sealants, walls or floor, trickling water in your bathroom can seep through the fissures. You will then notice some damp ceilings and walls on the lower sections of the house. In worse cases, droplets of water will form on light fixtures such as bulb holders. Thankfully, you can go for bathroom panelling to help you guard against such leaks. The panels come with a host of other benefits compared to other waterproofing alternatives available for your bathroom. Here is a closer look:

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Cleaning is an important consideration when it comes to bathrooms. Regular use of hot and cold water alongside the lather from bathing soap greatly affects the aesthetics of bathroom walls. After using the bathroom for some time, paint and other wall coatings can appear faded despite regular cleaning. This is because of the consistent damp surroundings. You can avoid this though bathroom panelling. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) panels are particularly renowned for their ease of cleaning. All you need is a piece of clean cloth and detergent. Wipe the cladding and rinse it generously with lots of water to remove the lather.

Insulation and Soundproofing

Bathroom panelling also helps to insulate and keep your bathroom soundproof. In this way, the bathroom retains temperature quite well with minimal heat loss from bathtubs. This helps you to save energy. Furthermore, noise emanating from the bathroom is the last thing you'd want for your guests and other occupants in the house. The sound of a roaring heater and water splashing in the bathroom can be a big concern, especially in a small house. Bathroom panels help to confine the noise generated in the bathroom by absorbing most of the sound generated.

Prevents the Build-up of Mould

One of the drawbacks of using ordinary paint, concrete and tiles in the bathroom is the build-up of mould. Mould is a nuisance that requires lots of time cleaning and scrubbing. If you have a busy family that needs an easy-to-clean alternative, bathroom panels are the way to go as they are resistant to mould.


Versatility is another added of bathroom panelling. The panels can be used throughout the bathroom walls, showers and ceiling. They are ideal for a complete overhaul at a relatively lower installation and purchase cost. Other options such as tiles are a bit expensive because of additional installation procedures (grouting) during installation.

To learn more about bathroom waterproofing options, contact a professional.

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