Valid Reasons to Hire a Consulting Geotechnical Engineer for a Site Investigation of Your Lot

Once you gear up for a residential construction project, you start to fully realise the horde of professionals that are critical for the success of your project. And for many potential homeowners, this can be overwhelming, more so since you have to budget for each of these professionals. So while you may be tempted to overlook some of these services, it is critical to note that the expertise of a consulting geotechnical engineer is fundamental for the success of your project, and this can be attributed to the site investigation that they will carry out before you break ground.

As implied by the name, a site investigation entails analysing the subterranean conditions of your site to determine if the lot is fit for your new home build. To help you understand the importance of this step, here are valid reasons why you need to hire a consulting geotechnical engineer for a site investigation of your lot.

A consulting geotechnical engineer will ensure cost efficiency for your project

Undoubtedly, the foremost reason why some individuals would prefer to overlook enlisting geotechnical services is in an attempt to save on costs, but what these people do not bear in mind is the savings this professional will accord them. The main reason why a site investigation is carried out in the first place is to determine the viability of your lot for construction purposes.

Hence, the first step that the geotechnical engineer will take is engaging in soil testing to establish if the land is contaminated. If the results are positive, the geotechnical engineer will advise you on the best way to remediate the land so that your lot is usable in the shortest time possible. Conversely, if the results are negative, this professional can confirm that the lot is prime for your intended project.

A consulting geotechnical engineer help you establish the most suitable building supplies

After a consulting geotechnical engineer carries out a comprehensive site investigation, they will have collected a multitude of data regarding your lot. And one piece of data that will have a direct impact on your new home build is the soil conditions, as these will affect the type of construction materials that you can utilise for the project. What some individuals take for granted is how soil characteristics can decrease the lifespan of certain building supplies.

Therefore, if you are unaware of these characteristics, there is a high chance of your new structure succumbing to premature damage, and this will cost you a substantial amount of money in repairs over the years. To avoid unnecessary expenses, it is best to have a consulting geotechnical engineer help you establish the most compatible building supplies for your project based on the specific soil conditions of the site.  

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